What do I need to gain access to J.P. Morgan B2B site?

You only need your Username and your corresponding Login Personal Identification Number (Login PIN).

Can I create my own Username?

Yes. When you register to J.P. Morgan B2B site, you will be prompted to create your unique and easy-to-remember Username. You can use this Username to login to the site at any time thereafter. Please note that once the Username has been setup, it cannot be changed.

Can I change the Login PIN via J.P. Morgan B2B site?

Yes. You can change your Login PIN via J.P. Morgan B2B site by using the "Change your PIN" section in "Account Setting". You are strongly recommended to change your PINs regularly to help protecting the security of your account.

I have forgotten my Login PIN. What should I do?

Please click here to reset your Login PIN. Follow the screen instructions to reset your Login PIN, which will then be sent to you by email. If you have any questions or problems, please contact our team on (852) 2978 7788.

I tried to reset my Login PIN via J.P. Morgan B2B site, but could not find the new PIN in my email inbox. What should I do?

Delivery of your new Login PIN by email is subject to network conditions and your email service provider. If you have not received it by email after one hour, please retry the PIN reset instruction in J.P. Morgan B2B site again, or contact our team on (852) 2978 7788.

I have keyed in the incorrect PIN several times when trying to access J.P. Morgan B2B site. Now, whenever I want to login to the service, an error message appears. What should I do?

To prevent unauthorised access to your account, access to J.P. Morgan B2B site will be deactivated automatically if users input an invalid PIN three consecutive times.

If you have forgotten your Login PIN, please click here to request your new PIN via J.P. Morgan B2B site. You may also or contact our team on (852) 2978 7788.

When will my new Login PIN become effective after I have changed it through J.P. Morgan B2B site?

You may start using your new Login PIN the next time you login to J.P. Morgan B2B site.

How should I protect my PIN?

  • Be suspicious of any email or person who asks you to provide details of your personal information.  No one at J.P. Morgan will ever ask you for your online password.
  • Try to memorise your PIN. Do not write down, store or record your PIN in any form.
  • Ensure that PIN details cannot be inadvertently disclosed to someone who may be looking over your shoulder when you are entering your PIN. Always remember to logout from your sessions and close the browser when you leave.
  • Avoid using your date of birth, ID card number, telephone number or any other number that can be easily guessed as your PIN.
  • Frequently change your PIN. This is important especially if you think someone may have guessed your PIN.
  • Do not use the same password for different websites.
  • If you suspect that your PIN has been compromised, change it IMMEDIATELY and contact our team.

What browser should I use to access J.P. Morgan B2B site?

This site is optimized for viewing with Microsoft Internet Explorer (version 8.0 or above). We recommend that you use a browser with 128-bit SSL encryption capability as it provides the highest degree of security currently available for internet transactions. You can find out whether your browser has this capability by clicking on "Help" and then "About Internet Explorer".

If I am having difficulty during accessing J.P. Morgan B2B site, can I download a better browser?

You may download Internet Explorer browsers for free, please go to http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/downloads/default.mspx

Does it matter what computer I use to access this website?

J.P. Morgan B2B site has been designed to work well with a wide range of computer system. However, please find below the minimum requirements we recommend:
  • Windows 98
  • Internet Explorer 8.0
  • Pentium II processor or better
  • 28.8k Modem or better
  • 1024 x 768 monitor resolution

How can I ensure J.P. Morgan B2B site is secure to use?

J.P. Morgan B2B site use the industry standard encryption, 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption, to ensure the privacy and security of your personal information within J.P. Morgan B2B site. You can always find a padlock symbol appears in the lower right hand corner of your browser to indicate that you are under protected.